Brush Poster No:2

Brush Poster No:2

Brand : Fekarehome
Discount Rate : %29 Discount
Price : $35.00(Vat included)
Discounted : $25.00(Vat included)

Our products are sold as only poster, frame+poster and canvas print.

Thickness of wood frames: 2 cm

Thickness of metal frames: 0,5 cm

Thickness of natural (made of tree) frames: 1 cm

Protection of wood frame: Plexiglass

Protection of metal and naturale frames: Plexiglass

Natural frames are made of ayous tree and its’ colour is natural.

Canvas prints are sold without frame.

High definition is guaranteed for all Fekare designs.

You can return your order within 15 days.

Our products are make-to-order and they are delivered to shipping company in 4 workdays.

Contact Fekare at [email protected]



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