Metal Siyah Çerçeve (50x70 cm)
Metal Siyah Çerçeve (50x70 cm)
Metal Siyah Çerçeve (50x70 cm)

Black Metal Frame (50x70 cm)

Brand : Fekarehome
Price : $40.00(Vat included)

Thickness of wood frames: 2 cm

Thickness of metal frames: 0,5 cm

Thickness of natural (made of tree) frames: 1 cm

Protection of wood frame: Plexiglass

Protection of metal and naturale frames: Plexiglass

Natural frames are made of ayous tree and its’ colour is natural.

You can return your order within 15 days.

Our products are make-to-order and they are delivered to shipping company in 4 workdays.

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