Pink Butterfly Gallery Wall

Pink Butterfly Gallery Wall

Brand : Fekarehome
Price : $53.00(Vat included)

Our products are sold as only poster, frame+poster

Set includes: 2 piece 30x40 cm - 2 piece 21x30 cm - 2 piece 13x18 cm frames+ poster / poster

Thickness of wood frames: 2 cm

Thickness of metal frames: 0,5 cm

Thickness of natural (made of tree) frames: 1 cm

Protection of wood frame: plexi

Protection of metal and naturale frames: plexi.

Natural frames are made of ayous tree and its’ colour is natural.

High definition is guaranteed for all Fekare designs.

Canvas prints have no frames.

Your order will be manifactured just after you purchase and delivered to cargo in 4 workdays.

You can return your order within 15 days.

Contact us [email protected]

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